Canon HJ 9x5.5B-II IASD Wide Angle Lens

Canon HJ 9x5.5B Wide Angle Lens

Canon's HJ 9x5.5B Wide Angle Lens is ideal for anything from tight spots and wide landscape shots. This lens features a 2x extender and uses a new coating on the lens elements called Hi-UD, which reduces chromatic aberration.


  • Delivers a 5.5mm wide angle while also achieving a 100mm telephoto focal length with built-in 2x extender
  • Consistent high optical performance is achieved with minimized aberration change throughout the zooming range from wide angle to telephoto
  • Minimized chromatic aberrations at telephoto focal lengths in higher zoom ratio lenses
  • Improved operability due to very little shift in the center of gravity
  • Anti-dust and anti-moisture properties due to a sealed focusing unit
  • Quick Zoom
  • Variable Zoom Speed
  • Focus and Zoom Servo
Price: $200.00