Canon HJ14ex4.3B 14x 2/3" HD Wide Angle Lens

Canon HJ14ex4.3B 14x 2/3" HD Wide Angle Lens

The latest generation of Canon's HDTV lenses continues to live up to their three basic philosophies: high quality imaging, ease of operation, and exacting specifications. These lenses feature enhanced digital technology that improves the performance of the digital drive unit while maintaining the advanced optical design concept based on the X-Element technology. 

Canon's new series of HDTV ENG/EFP lenses are equipped with the e-II Drive Unit the next generation drive unit included with the rotary encoders. An encoder is a digital potential detector that makes the zoom/focus control much more precise and repeatable. By adopting a unique technology Canon has made the Encoder Device surprisingly small allowing it to be installed in the existing drive unit without changing it's size or weight.


  • Widest lens available 
  • Digital drive
  • 2x extender 
  • Innerfocus 
  • Quick Zoom
  • Selectable Zoom Limits
  • Focus and Zoom Servo
  • 1x Focal Length  4.3 to 60mm
  • 2x Focal Length 8.6 to 120mm



Price: $250.00