Calumet 10 x 12' Deep Forest Hand-Painted Muslin Background


Calumet hand-painted muslin backgrounds are constructed from 100% cotton muslin. The muslins are sun dried, making them lightfast and will not fade over time. Each muslin comes with its own carrying bag.

Random wrinkle patterns on the backgrounds can produce pleasing photographic results. To achieve this effect, unfold the muslin and stuff it back into the background bag for several hours or overnight. If a smooth background is preferred the muslin can be steamed or ironed.

Since they contain acrylic paints we do not recommend washing. If it is absolutely necessary to wash your muslin, we recommend hand washing. (Be sure to wash the muslin separately the first time, as some color may run off during the first wash.)

Note: This muslin is not flame retardant.


  • Must be hand washed
  • Acrylic paint based
Price: $75.00