Reflector Kit: California Sunbounce

California Sunbounce


  • Sunbounce Pro
  • Sunbounce Small


The mateable frames are made of aluminium and are very stable. They can hardly be bent, yet are light as a feather. The combination with the permanently elastic screen creates optimal synergy effects. Even the SUNBOUNCE PRO reflector with its 2.5m2 surface weights less than 1.800 grams and remains tautly stretched, even in windy situations.


Best material - optimal characteristics - very durable. All reflectors and diffusers are manufactured from the best materials available on the world market. They are durable and retain their extraordinary reflective characteristics even after many rough deployments.

  •     Silver/White
  •     Zebra/White
  •     Gold/White
  •     Gold/Silber
  •     Black/White
  •     Sparkling Sun
  •     Diffusion 1/3
  •     Diffusion 2/3
  •     Diffusion 3/3
  •     No Moire white
  •     No Moire white two Screens
  •     Blue Box
  •     Green Box
Price: $125.00