Our Experience and Services
With a 15-year track record, PAL HD is renowned for offering professional camera crews, cutting-edge broadcast equipment, including digital cinema cameras (e.g., ARRI, RED, Blackmagic), and our signature production services. We have a rich portfolio ranging from simple 2-man crews to prime-time broadcast productions, high-profile corporate shoots, multi-camera reality shows, commercials, and theatrical documentaries. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and reliability stands out in every project.
Expertise in Crew Selection
The success of any production hinges on the selection of personnel. Our crew members are carefully chosen for their reliability, personal qualities, and technical proficiency. Each member boasts a minimum of ten years of experience in broadcast production and is adept with the latest 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras.
Customized Professional Matchmaking
Recognizing the unique demands of each shoot, we ensure the right professionals are matched to your project's specific requirements. This approach is consistent across various locations, from Los Angeles to New York.
Pre-Production Support
At PAL HD, we collaborate closely with clients to ensure high-quality productions. Our pre-production support encompasses everything from budgeting to crewing and scheduling. We also offer detailed regional knowledge to streamline your process, saving time and money.
Production Management
For more complex projects, we can assign a producer and a production manager to oversee the entire production from script to screen. Our experienced Production Management Team manages logistics, adheres to your budget, and meets deadlines efficiently.
Post-Production Services
We are equipped to handle all your post-production needs, from editing and finishing to packaging your project in the required format or codec, including 4K and UHD formats.
Pre-Production Services Offered
Our Pre-Production services are tailored to meet client-specific needs, including:
Conceptualization and Treatment Research
Location Scouting
Filming Permits
Selection of the Production Team
Areas of Production Expertise
We have proficiency in a variety of productions, such as:
Television Features
Multi-Camera Remote Production
Reality Television
Corporate Image Films
Corporate Productions
Arts & Entertainment- Live Music Multi-Camera
Behind the Scenes Reconstruction
Current Affairs
Digital Content Release/Multimedia News Release
EPK/Digital Media Kits

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